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I have a gallery i created with a Java template, PHP, and MYSQL.

In the admin section you create category's and upload the images to a folder
eg: Pictures

On upload the script water marks and creates Thumb nails for use in the

Visitors can then select what gallery they wish to view, and the PHP pulls
the relevant images

Before i did this, i did a lot of looking into it and was advised using the
DB to store the image/binary would be a big no on performance of the site. I
do not know how true this is.


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Subject:  Alternative methods for storing uploaded images?

Just wondering if it's better to either store uploaded images, via something
like a form of CMS, in a static folder, with a unique name based on
something like the data record's id field, when keeping track of it's
location like that, or is it better to actually store the binary data of the
image file in the mySQL database itself, and then sort of stream it back out
when displaying the image, and if so, would presume that would be relatively
simple to implement, but, OTOH, if you were then using the data to then
render static content output for later use, it would, obviously, be better
to keep the image content static as well...?


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