Wine release 8.0.1

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The Wine stable release 8.0.1 is now available.

What's new in this release:
  - Fixes for macOS Ventura 13.3 on Apple Silicon
  - Tamil and Turkish translation updates
  - Various bug fixes

The source is available at:

Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:

You will find documentation on

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 8.0.1 (total 36):

 - #49615  Device read errors logged in dmesg when running wine commands with empty CD/DVD drive, since 5.5
 - #51345  Regression: Visual Studio 2005 "package load failure"
 - #52506  Setup of game "What's the Secret?" fails to create icon
 - #52878  Free PC Audit fails to show info in 'Brief' tab (needs GetBinaryValue method of the StdRegProv class)
 - #53274  adsldp:ldap - test_ParseDisplayName() sometimes fails to connect to the server
 - #53926  New typelib marshaller depends on IID_IDispatch support from target interface
 - #53981  Chromium broken sandbox due to GetSecurityInfo giving access denied
 - #54030  Snagit needs Win32_Volume class ( 'select deviceid from win32_volume where driveletter =C:')
 - #54215  ListView doesn't refresh when changing between List and Details styles.
 - #54234  vbscript fails to compile when colon follows Else in If...Else
 - #54289  RtlCopyContext buffer overflow
 - #54318  Rich Edit inserts newly composed text at wrong position when system IME composition ends while a selection is active
 - #54337  AviUtl shows Japanese text as garbage after conversion in ExEdit edit box
 - #54353  crypt32:cert - testVerifyRevocation() gets unexpected success in Wine on second run
 - #54357  Spurious fixme message when calling ScrollWindow()
 - #54364  RtlGenRandom fails on systems with more than 128 cores
 - #54371  loader won't launch from PATH unless named "wine"
 - #54376  ws2_32:sock - test_reuseaddr() overflows a sockaddr variable by reading an AF_INET6 peer name into it
 - #54379  since wine 8.0 print doesn't work any more
 - #54432  Missing ntdll.RtlAddressInSectionTable() implementation causes all GraalVM Native Image exes to crash on load
 - #54449  nethack crashes
 - #54456  vbscript memory leak in For Each with SafeArray as group
 - #54457  vbscript memory leaks in interp_redim_preserve
 - #54458  vbscript memory leaks in Global_Split
 - #54489  VarAbs() does not handle BSTR arguments correctly
 - #54490  vbscript fails to compile when statement follows ElseIf
 - #54493  vbscript fails to compile concat when used without space and expression begins with H
 - #54495  Motorola Ready For Assistant does not start, needs ext-ms-win-networking-wlanapi-l1-1-0.dll
 - #54563  The gif is displaying wrongly, with weird backgrounds of various colors
 - #54564  Rich Edit crashes when Ctrl+Right is pressed at past the final paragraph
 - #54570  Saints Row: The Third heavy rain causes heavy fps reductions
 - #54581  SpeedCommander 20 installer crashes on unimplemented function SHELL32.dll.Shell_GetCachedImageIndexW
 - #54617  KakaoTalk IM text edit window leaves artifacts when the text overflows and scroll bar appears
 - #54663  ldp.exe crashes on unimplemented function wldap32.dll.ldap_set_dbg_flags
 - #54690  ldp.exe crashes when attempting to connect to an invalid host
 - #54707  adsldp:ldap - test_DirectorySearch() fails on Windows and Linux


Changes since 8.0:

Akihiro Sagawa (2):
      user32/tests: Add DBCS WM_CHAR tests for edit control.
      user32/edit: Fix WM_CHAR handler for double-byte characters.

Alex Henrie (5):
      shell32: Add support for Program Manager icons with arguments.
      wldap32: Add ldap_set_dbg_flags stub.
      wldap32: Handle null LDAPMessage in ldap_count_entries.
      wldap32: Handle null LDAPMessage in ldap_parse_result.
      server: Fix buffer overrun in map_view handler.

Alexandre Julliard (2):
      gitlab: Add workaround for more strict git ownership check.
      ntdll: Prefer the ntdll path over argv[0] on platforms without reliable exe information.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (1):
      mountmgr.sys: Don't attempt to read from invalid media.

Brendan Shanks (7):
      loader: In macOS preloader, move the top-down allocations area down.
      loader: In macOS preloader, stop using mincore() to test if a region is empty.
      server: On macOS, fake debug registers when running under Rosetta.
      ntdll: Add a WARN when setting debug registers fails under Rosetta.
      loader: In macOS preloader, fix an environment variable sometimes being lost.
      taskmgr: Use exit code 1 when terminating processes.
      taskkill: Use exit code 1 when terminating processes.

Carlos Rodriguez (1):
      wined3d: Add GPU information for another Intel UHD 630 GPU.

Dmitry Timoshkov (3):
      win32u: Give full access rights to the process window station.
      win32u: Give full access rights to the thread desktop.
      rpcrt4: Mark the buffer as invalid in NdrProxyFreeBuffer().

Eric Pouech (3):
      ntdll: Implement RtlAddressInSectionTable.
      conhost: Only update font when running with a window.
      winedbg: Use debuggee's bitness for 'examine /a' command.

Florian Will (2):
      gdiplus/tests: Test for GdipPrivateAddFontFile() sharing violation.
      gdiplus: Use FILE_SHARE_READ in GdipPrivateAddFontFile().

Gabriel Ivăncescu (1):
      jscript: Fix jsstr leak after changing variant type to BSTR.

Gijs Vermeulen (1):
      shell32: Add Shell_GetCachedImageIndexA/W exports.

Giovanni Mascellani (1):
      wbemprox: Do not call Release() inside wbemprox_cf_CreateInstance().

Hans Leidekker (8):
      wbemprox: Implement GetBinaryValue() method.
      adsldp/tests: Avoid test failures when the server is down.
      wbemprox: Implement Win32_Volume.
      advapi32: Bump random buffer size.
      msi: Install and patch global assemblies in InstallFinalize.
      msi: Perform late initialization of the assembly caches.
      adsldp/tests: Skip all remaining tests when the server is down.
      adsldp/tests: Fix test failures.

Hugh McMaster (2):
      regedit: Allow export_key() to return TRUE.
      regedit: Append '.reg' file extension if necessary.

Illia Polishchuk (2):
      d3d9/tests: Add test for non-indexed instancing drawing.
      d3d9: Always draw only a single instance for non-indexed draws.

Jacek Caban (2):
      win32u: Silence spurious FIXME in NtUserScrollWindowEx.
      oleaut32: Remove overflow check for VT_R4 and VT_R8 in VarAbs.

Jason Millard (7):
      vbscript: Fix compile when colon follows Else on new line.
      vbscript: Fix memory leak in owned safearray iterator.
      vbscript: Fix memory leak in Split().
      vbscript: Fix memory leak in Split().
      oleaut32: Fix VarAbs function for BSTR with positive values.
      vbscript: Fix compile when statement after ElseIf or after separator.
      vbscript: Fix compile issue with non hex after concat without space.

Jinoh Kang (7):
      ws2_32/test: Fix sockaddr buffer overflow in test_reuseaddr.
      riched20: Obtain the composition start index after deleting selection.
      riched20/tests: Test for word movement across paragraph boundary.
      riched20: Don't set para unless committing cursor move in ME_MoveCursorWords.
      riched20/tests: Test for ITextDocument::Freeze and ITextDocument::Unfreeze.
      riched20: Don't assume that TxDraw preserves the device context's brush selection.
      riched20: Implement ITextDocument::Freeze and ITextDocument::Unfreeze.

K.B.Dharun Krishna (1):
      po: Update Tamil translation.

Michael Stefaniuc (2):
      tools: Get the ANNOUNCE bug list from the stable-notes git notes.
      gitlab: Do not run the build script on each commit.

Nikolay Sivov (1):
      apisetschema: Add ext-ms-win-networking-wlanapi-l1-1-0.

Paul Gofman (5):
      ntdll: Factor out context_copy_ranges() function.
      ntdll: Do not use extended context in RtlCopyContext() if extended state is not copied.
      cryptnet: Cache revocation status in verify_cert_revocation().
      cryptnet: Use cert data hash as cache id instead of serial number.
      cryptnet: Also hash issuer cert for cache id.

Piotr Caban (7):
      msvcrt: Don't crash on NULL argument in getenv.
      msvcrt: Don't crash on NULL argument in _wgetenv.
      msvcrt: Improve error handling in getenv_s.
      msvcrt: Improve error handling in _wgetenv_s.
      winspool: Fix FILE: output handling in StartDocDlgW.
      localspl: Ignore an empty output string.
      gdiplus: Use transparency instead of background color if transparent color flag is set in GIF GCE.

Rémi Bernon (2):
      dwrite: Statically init the system_fallback locale list.
      services: Use a separate allocation for NotifyParamsArray[0].params.

Serkan Önder (1):
      po: Update Turkish translation.

Tingzhong Luo (1):
      evr: Fix crash when clearing input type for the mixer.

Zebediah Figura (1):
      oleaut32: Manually construct a stub buffer for dispinterfaces.

Zhiyi Zhang (3):
      comctl32/tests: Add WM_STYLECHANGED tests for changing listview view styles.
      comctl32/listview: Repaint when changing view styles.
      user32/tests: Test winstation and desktop access rights.

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