wineio (iowraping under wine)

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Hi everyone:
	I am a wine user, and i migrate from opensuse 11.0 to the new opensuse 

I have a chip programmer connected via parallel port. This programmer is 
esential to my work, and the program run only on windows.

In the past i use a IOWRAPPER in C that i call wineio.c. So after compile 
wineio, give permissions (root and sticky) i can run the software and program 

The iowrapper used is attached to this email. This was working on opensuse 
11.0 (64 bits) but in opensuse LEAP 42.1 (64 bits) i got this error:

Executing prg :c:\Program Files (x86)\EEtools\Tmw.exe
/usr/bin/wineio: not an i386 ELF binary... don't know how to load it

I try recompile, i do make wineio, the program is compiled and run. The wineio 
is operative becasue the text "executing prg" is in line 90 of wineio.c

I dont know how get working my hardware thru wine.

Best Regards to all, any clue will be appreciated.
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