AdobeReader on 64-bit PCLOS--how?

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Some days ago I queried the list about getting LightScribe and
AdobeReader to work on a 64-bit PCLOS-KDE system. By accident, I only
replied to the one person who answered me, but I can report that the
LightScribe problem is solved, and without the use of WINE.
If anyone wants to know, please ask and I will post that solution.

However. I don't believe that there is a simple solution to AdobeReader.
Altho RedHat seems to provide a 64-bit version, that does not seem to be
available to others. Now if someone can tell me how to
install AdobeReader in WINE and have it work. . . .
(I have wine32.32bit, wine64, wine64-devel,wine-gecko. and winetricks

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