Call for Translators

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With the advent of PO files, Wine went from 12 good translations in the 
pre-1.4 days to 20 now. What's even more encouraging is that there are 
an extra 6 translations that are already half done. So can we reach 26 
translations in time for Wine 1.6? More?

So I'm calling on all translators of good will to review, refresh, 
complete or even start new Wine translations. You will find instructions 
to get started there:

And just as for Wine 1.4 you can track the translations status here:

This site also collects reports about potential translation issues:
 * Mismatched printf format specifiers. (Note that these can cause Wine 
 * Mismatched trailing ellipsis.
 * Other mismatched trailing punctuation like full stop, question mark, 
   space, etc.
 * Mismatched line feeds, trailing or not.
 * Spaces followed by line feeds.
 * Untranslated strings.

Obviously some of these result in false positives. For instance 
'Document' is written exactly the same in English and in French so to 
the script it will look like it was not translated. If you send me the 
corresponding error lines I'll make sure they are ignored by putting 
them in an 'ignore' file. This way the next translator looking things 
over won't have to skip over all these false positives.

Francois Gouget <fgouget@xxxxxxx>    
             Theory is where you know everything but nothing works.
            Practice is where everything works but nobody knows why.
      Sometimes they go hand in hand: nothing works and nobody knows why.

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