Inter-vlan routing with Vconfig

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Hi there,

I m trying for inter vlan  routing with vconfig.


                    Linux-1                           Linux-2
                   |             |  
PC1     ---------- |eth0         |                    ________      |             |                    |       |
                   |         eth2|====================| eth0  |
                   |             |                    |       |
PC2     ---------- |eth1         |                    |_______|      |             |


Linux-1: [kernel 2.4]

vconfig add eth2 10
vconfig add eth2 20

brctl addbr br1
brctl addif br1 eth0
brctl addif br1 eth2.10
ifconfig eth2.10 up
ifconfig br1

brctl addbr br2
brctl addif br2 eth1
brctl addif br2 eth2.20
ifconfig eth2.20 up
ifconfig br2

Linux-2: [kernel 2.4]

vconfig add eth0 10
vconfig add eth0 20
ifconfig eth0.10 up
ifconfig eth0.20 up

echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forwarding

Ping from pc1 to pc2 is not working for me.

Same is working for me when i connect cisco router instead of Linux-2.
When i do traceroute .. packet is clearly routed from cisco router.

As ping was not working after assigning ip address on virtual interface
[eth2.10 & eth2.20] of linux-1
i assigned ip address to bridge.

for following command on Linux-2

cat /proc/net/vlan/eth0.20
It was receiving packet but was not transmitting packets.

I also tried with open source zebra by enabling rip on Linux-2 system.

I m new to this things.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
  Shashi Lad

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