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k mk wrote:
I'm trying to enable vlan feature in our eth driver. The eth mac supports
vlan processing and has a register (vlantag1) that should be written
with 0x8100 to enable VLAN. Other than this, the mac does not have
any other vlan related registers or anything else. It does not give
any feedback during rx if VLAN pkts received.

What behaviour changes when you write to this register?  If nothing
really changes, then you can probably just leave it alone and don't
set the NETIF_VLAN_HW_TX/RX.  Then, the vlan stack will handle everything
in software.  You just need to make sure your chip can handle frames that
are MTU + 4 bytes without trouble.


How do I enable VLAN in our driver for such a MAC? I'm basically
confused with all the callbacks such as vlan_rx_register etc most
drivers support.

Currently, in my driver I've enabled the features NETIF_VLAN_HW_TX/RX
and providing the above callbacks.

what else I need to do? I'm kinda stuck here. Any help would be highly





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