[VLAN] multicast issues

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I have had some problems with vlans as well if you refer to my old
posts. As far as multicasts go, 
1) make sure that /proc/net/vlans/configs shows that the vlan device is
pointing to the same vlan ie eth0.182 should show 182 as the vlan 
2) look for MULTICAST on your primary interface ie eth0
3) look for MULTICAST on your virtual interface eth0.182.
4) Check / write rules for eth0.182 in your iptables.

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I have a linux box (kernel=2.6.15-27-386, hostname=encoder) with several

Hauppauge encoders.  it has an Intel Etherexpress Pro 100 NIC.  when a 
client on the same subnet (not only the same subnet, but physically 
connected to the same switch) as encoder requests a multicast generated 
by encoder, all works fine. 

however, when I add a vlan to encoder:

vconfig add eth0 182

ifconfig -a indicates that eth0.182 has been created.  then, if a client

on the 182 subnet (vlan 182 trunked through the same switch as before) 
requests the multicast, it cannot receive it.  I sniffed the traffic, 
and there are no IGMP messages being sent out the 182 interface of the 

then, I assigned an IP address to the eth0.182 interface.  repeated the 
multicast, and the client still could not receive it.  there was still 
no IGMP traffic on the 182 interface.  this means that the IGMP join 
request generated by the client was never received by the eth0.182 
interface on the encoder.

how do I get IGMP to work on my vlan interface?

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