[VLAN] 802.1p queuing

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 I am new to the list and I apologize if this question has been asked 
before but I cannot seem to find a search method for the archives. I 
would be happy for some enlightenment there.

Overview of what I am trying to do:
- I am setting up 3 vlans on an 802.1q trunk from a switch into a router 
that runs CentOS 4.3.
- I am a little confused as to how and if 802.1p priority is set from 
the Linux side.
- I would like to set one of the vlans on the router to have priority 
above the others. It is a voice vlan. I can do this for outbound traffic 
from the switch but for outbound from the router I'm not sure.
- I am wondering if I have to do anything to add 802.1p bits to a given 
vlan or is there a certain amount of priority queuing/mapping that takes 
place out of the box with the presence of IP ToS bits?


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