[VLAN] vlan on eth0 works eth1-3 do not

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On Tue, Jul 18, 2006 at 01:24:27PM +0100, Linux wrote:
> > > eth0:
> > > eth0.40:
> > > 
> > > eth3: what IP net?
> > > eth3.40: what IP net?
> > 
> > At the moment they are the same as eth0 as they are bridged.

I'm sorry, that statement is not nearly specific enough for me to be
able to help you. I listed four interfaces, "they" is just confusing.

Bottom line, you have to explain what you want to accomplish for
anyone to be able to help.

I think I've figured out your topology now though..


> > I then need to tell the bridge that any traffic for the 
> > 172.22/ range not to be bridged but to go to the
> > routing table, so it flows out of eth1, with iptables again
> > controlling the traffic, I think I can do this with correctly
> > placed ebtables rules.

Unless your Linux box is and this will
require either ethernet or ip NAT.

Let's see if I have understood your setup correctly. Please correct
any errors in my guesses:

Your system has four physical interfaces. eth0, eth2 and eth3 are
trunks. eth1 is not a trunk.

eth1 is on the network.

The native VLANs (untagged traffic) on eth0, eth2 and eth3 should be
bridged together and all carry the network.

eth0.40, eth2.40 and eth3.40 should also be bridged. These VLANs
carry the network.

Please also tell us which IP addresses, if any, you want the Linux
box to have on which interfaces.

Changing the native VLAN on eth[023] to a tagged VLAN would simplify
things a bit. I would suggest doing so if you have control over the


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