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                           Mi?rcoles, 26 de Octubre de 2005
Hello everybody,
               I  have  e  little  problem.  In  this moment i have one
               corebuilder  9000  an  one  firewall  with debian sarge
               running  a  kernel version 2.6.12 with the vlan package
               (stable) version 1.8-1.
               the ethernet port is: Ethernet controller: Intel Corp. 82557/8/9 [Ethernet Pro 100] (rev 08)
               I  have  no  problems  when i create the vlans and ping
               between the diferent vlan.
               I have a server on linux over a gigabit ethernet
               (SC  conection)  and  my firewall is over one 100 BaseT
               tagged conection (the pro100).  For  my  firewall  when i want to conect to
               this  server  i  use  the vlan 99. i can conect to this
               server  with  ssh protocol, but when a list a directory
               or  try to open with vim an archive the ssh hang up and
               i  loose  de  conetion.  at the first i think that is a
               problem  of  flowcontrol  becouse my firewall is with a
               poor  conection  than the server, but if i unconfigure
               the vlan suport and connect the firewall to the corebuilder on untagged
               port i don't have problem.

               can you guide me with the problem please?
               It is a problem of MTU? (not , for me)

               Thanks in advance.
                            Diego S. Alonso

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