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      I have some questions regarding how to bridge VLANs and LAN, I
have the following scenarios and configuration, but it dos not seem to
work, please shed some light on it. Thanks!

I have a Linux box which has 2 GNIC (Eth0 and Eth1) and one ATM card

1.) Scenario I


#vconfig       add eth1   1
#brctl addbr   br0
#brctl addif   br0  eth0
#brctl addif   br0  eth1.1
#ifconfig      br0 up

2. Scenario II

Host 1(10.10.10.x)--->Eth0<--------->Eth1<---->Host 2 (11.11.11.X)

#brctl addbr br0
#brctl addif   br0  eth0
#brctl addif   br0  eth1
#ifconfig      br0 up

I can ping if and only if Host 1 and Host 2 are in the same domain, say
10.10.10.X. I believe that bridge should be able to bridge traffics
between different network domains, but how?

Any help is much appreciated!


Hai Wang
Principle Software Engineer
Fine Point Technologies, Inc.
139 Centre Street, 6th Floor
New York, New York 10013-4408
email: hwang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
phone: +1.212.962.7410 x 325
fax: +1.212.962.7404
web: http://www.finepoint.com

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