[VLAN] Unable to ping between different vlans

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    first be sure your hub/switch supports vlan feature.Then it need to be
    Once you have done this let me know of the status.

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From: Manish Jain [mailto:manish.jain.85@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 3:44 PM
Subject: [VLAN] Unable to ping between different vlans

I created a VLAN with vlan-id vlan10 using the utitlity vconfig which uses
the module 802.1q. This vlan was configured as
<>  with subnet  mask <>  .
This vlan was implemented over eth0. Now i have a laptop which i connected
to eth0 via a hub.  This laptop was configured as : 
ifconfig eth0 <>  netmask
<>  up 
route add <> <>  
with the objective of making my vlan10 as the gateway of this machine.
Now this laptop is unable to ping the supposed gateway
<>  and vice-versa.
Pls help,

Manish Jain
IIIT Hyderabad 

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