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This isn't really an issue just an inconsistency in configuration  
output.  The egress priority and ingress priority display major and  
minor numbers differently.  The ingress maps shows "vlan_qos:  
skb_priority", but the egress map is "skb_priority:vlan_qos".

As a test on my VLAN I assigned the following mappings to both  
ingress and egress (priority:qos): 0:2, 1:3, 2:4, 3:5, 4:6, 5:7, 6:0,  
7:1.  printing the proc file produces:

eth1.2005  VID: 2005     REORDER_HDR: 1  dev->priv_flags: 1
          total frames received:         1027
           total bytes received:        73240
       Broadcast/Multicast Rcvd:            0

       total frames transmitted:          676
        total bytes transmitted:        66630
             total headroom inc:            0
            total encap on xmit:          676
Device: eth1
INGRESS priority mappings: 0:6  1:7  2:0  3:1  4:2  5:3  6:4 7:5
EGRESSS priority Mappings: 0:2 1:3 2:4 3:5 4:6 5:7 6:0 7:1

Egress looks exactly how I expect, but ingress is written in reverse.

John T. Kamenik (Software Eng.)

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