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I make pretty regular use of VMs on my Linux box.  I've used KVM, VirtualBox, and VMWare.  I'd like to make more use of KVM/virt-manager but I am having a number of problems using virt-manager.  I'm pretty sure the problem is me.  I just need to understand it more.  I think all of my questions are about storage.  I hope someone on this list can help me.  Here are my questions:

1.  Is there any way of escaping the whole "storage pool" concept?  I'd like to just specify a directory to put my files in rather than needing to creating a pool each time.  Likewise for the ISO I use to gen the system.  I want to be able to simply browse my disk and select the ISO.

2.  I need all of the files associated with a particular VM in one independent place so I can back it up and move it as a unit easily.  This includes the cow2 file and all of the VM meta information files. 

Is there a way to do these things?  Is this something planned?

Thanks for the help!

Blake McBride

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