[virt-manager question] Advice on using libvirt with better default arguments

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I'm trying to learn libvirt enough have a python library around it to manage VM's. I'm at the part where I'm trying to make almost any OS easy to run based solely on the ISO. (For example: If I try to start a Windows 10 VM, There's extra work to get the OS to see the qcow volume during the install. But by creating one through the virt-manager GUI, it see's it automatically. So this is something you've solved outside libvirt). I'd like to get the same defaults as virt-manager into my python package. To do this, any advice on the easiest / most stable path? A couple ways I thought of:

- Maybe add virt-manager as a submodule, and call your python scripts to get the good default arguments? Is the back-end for your GUI stable enough long term for something like this?

- Do those defaults come straight from the `Libosinfo` library? And by learning how to use that, it'll provide the default libvirt xml blocks I can use for libvirt?

Hopefully it's the right place to ask this.

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