Re: virtio-blk and virtio-scsi driver don't work with bhyve

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Unfortunately the freebsd forum and bug tracker is not the best place where to ask help. Rarely someone take care of the bugs. I've been helped for some time only then the developers disappears. They are able onlty to say that they are busy.

Il giorno gio 17 mar 2022 alle ore 11:42 Andrea Bolognani <abologna@xxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
On Sun, Mar 13, 2022 at 12:55:45PM +0100, Mario Marietto wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm going to ask another question about the behavior,because I want to
> understand if I'm dealing with a bug or with a regular method of working.
> So,please be patient with me. What I want to achieve is to pass thru two of
> my NTFS "formatted" disks to a Windows 11 VM,but without passing them thru
> using the USB controller in FreeBSD with a bhyve virtual machine (in the
> example below I tried to boot Windows 11 from the nvme disk nvd0.
> I'm using this FreeBSD version :
> *FreeBSD marietto 13.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE #5
> n244809-dff3dead3734: Wed Feb 23 13:16:32 CET
> 2022     marietto@marietto:/usr/obj/usr/src/amd64.amd64/sys/GENERIC  amd64*
> I've configured the bhyve VM like this :
> *bhyve -S -c sockets=1,cores=2,threads=2 -m 4G -w -H -A \
> -s 0,hostbridge \
> -s 1,ahci-hd,/dev/nvd0 \
> -s 2,virtio-blk,/dev/da4p2 \
> -s 3,virtio-blk,/dev/da2p1 \
> -s 8,virtio-net,tap4 \
> -s 10,hda,play=/dev/dsp,rec=/dev/dsp \
> -s 29,fbuf,tcp= <>,w=1440,h=900 \
> -s 30,xhci,tablet \
> -s 31,lpc \
> -l bootrom,/usr/local/share/uefi-firmware/BHYVE_BHF_CODE.fd \
> vm4 < /dev/null & sleep 2 && vncviewer 0:4*

As explained last time, you're bringing this up to the wrong
audience. This mailing list is about virt-manager, which uses libvirt
and QEMU behind the scenes, but you're using none of those pieces of
software. We are simply unable to help you.

The FreeBSD forum looks like a reasonable place to discuss the issue
and possibly track it down to bugs in bhyve. If the bugs turn out to
be on the guest driver side instead, then I think

would be your best bet.

Good luck!

Andrea Bolognani / Red Hat / Virtualization


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