Re: [virt-manager PATCH] Fix checking for graphics spice for Xen

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On 2/9/22 9:50 AM, Charles Arnold wrote:
> Advertising graphics support doesn't necessarily mean spice support.
> seems to not be spice specific
> but rather more generic in indicating whether graphics are supported.
> For Xen, spice is not supported so fallback to the old logic.
> Signed-off-by: Charles Arnold <carnold@xxxxxxxx>
> diff --git a/virtinst/ b/virtinst/
> index 67bceaa3..ad6e3363 100644
> --- a/virtinst/
> +++ b/virtinst/
> @@ -382,7 +382,7 @@ class DomainCapabilities(XMLBuilder):
>          return len(models) > 0 and bool("emulator" in backends)
>      def supports_graphics_spice(self):
> -        if not
> +        if not or self.conn.is_xen():
>              # domcaps is too old, or the driver doesn't advertise graphics
>              # support. Use our pre-existing logic
>              if not self.conn.is_qemu() and not self.conn.is_test():

Hmm but does that mean domcapabilities for xen is reporting that spice
is available? If that's the case, seems like a domcapabilities bug in
libvirt xen driver. Or am I missing something?


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