ANNOUNCE: virt-manager 3.0.0 released

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I'm happy to announce the release of virt-manager 3.0.0!

virt-manager is a desktop application for managing KVM, Xen, and LXC
virtualization via libvirt.

The release can be downloaded from:

This release includes:

- virt-install --cloud-init support (Athina Plaskasoviti, Cole
- The virt-convert tool has been removed. Please use virt-v2v instead
- A handful of UI XML configuration options have been removed. The XML
  editor can be used instead. For a larger discussion see this thread:
- The 'New VM' UI now has a 'Manual Install' option which creates a VM
  without any required install media
- In the 'New VM' UI, the network/pxe install option has been removed.
  If you need network boot, choose 'Manual Install' and set the boot
  device after initial VM creation
- 'Clone VM' UI has been reworked and simplified
- 'Migrate VM' UI now has an XML editor for the destination VM
- Global and per-vm option to disable graphical console autoconnect.
  This makes it easier to use virt-manager alongside another client like
- virt-manager: set guest time after VM restore (Michael Weiser)
- virt-manager: option to delete storage when removing disk device
  (Lily Nie)
- virt-manager: show warnings if snapshot operation is unsafe (Michael
- Unattended install improvements (Fabiano Fidêncio)
- cli: new --xml XPATH=VAL option for making direct XML changes
- virt-install: new --reinstall=DOMAIN option
- virt-install: new --autoconsole text|graphical|none option
- virt-install: new --os-variant detect=on,require=on suboptions
- cli: --clock, --keywrap, --blkiotune, --cputune additions (Athina
- cli: add --features kvm.hint-dedicated.state= (Menno Lageman)
- cli:--iommu option (Menno Lageman)
- cli: Add --graphics websocket= support (Petr Benes)
- cli: Add --disk type=nvme source.* suboptions
- cli: Fill in all --filesystem suboptions
- Translation string improvements (Pino Toscano)
- Convert from .pod to .rst for man pages
- Switch to pytest as our test runner
- Massively improved unittest and uitest code coverage
- Now using github issues as our bug tracker

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release through testing,
bug reporting, submitting patches, and otherwise sending in feedback!


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