[virt-manager PATCH 00/21] Various i18n fixes

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This patch series tries to remove some of the i18n issues, mostly
untranslatable strings, and string puzzles.

Not all the issues are fixed: there are still some string puzzles
around (for example the labels for disks in the VM details); they will
be addressed in future patches.

There are also minor string changes, like spelling fixes, and
"Generic OS" instead of "Generic default".

Pino Toscano (21):
  i18n: fix few spellings
  i18n: improve labels for channels
  i18n: translate all controller types
  i18n: simplify vmmAddHardware.controller_pretty_desc
  i18n: translate labels for NICs
  i18n: improve labels for serial/parallel/console
  i18n: improve labels for RNG
  i18n: improve labels for TPM
  i18n: improve label for controller
  i18n: translate hint text in OS list popover
  i18n: use "Generic OS" as label for generic
  i18n: avoid string puzzle in display autoport string
  i18n: translate whole title in migration dialog
  i18n: improve items in destination combo
  i18n: translate custom URI string in new conn dialog
  Revert "gfxdetails: Don't mark OpenGL as translatable"
  i18n: improve translatability of vmmAddHardware.input_pretty_name
  i18n: improve label for redirector
  i18n: improve vmmAddHardware.disk_pretty_bus
  i18n: improve label for filesystem
  i18n: improve label for floppy

 tests/uitests/test_newvm.py      |  2 +-
 ui/details.ui                    |  2 +-
 ui/gfxdetails.ui                 |  2 +-
 ui/oslist.ui                     |  4 +-
 virtManager/addhardware.py       | 91 ++++++++++++++++++++------------
 virtManager/createconn.py        |  2 +-
 virtManager/delete.py            |  2 +-
 virtManager/details/details.py   | 72 +++++++++++++------------
 virtManager/device/gfxdetails.py |  6 +--
 virtManager/engine.py            |  2 +-
 virtManager/migrate.py           | 17 +++---
 virtinst/cli.py                  |  6 +--
 virtinst/cloner.py               |  2 +-
 virtinst/osdict.py               |  2 +-
 14 files changed, 120 insertions(+), 92 deletions(-)


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