Re: utrace known bugs

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>   * unbounded utrace_engine_cache growth
>     started from 31a9ef5cfcdbae804e3e180c158bf2352728765a,
>     nobody knows why
>     testcase: at the end of

Is it correct that this only happens with CONFIG_PREEMPT=y?

>   * _pointer_ to struct utrace, which I personally count as design bug.
>     Rationale to fold struct utrace into task_struct is that lifetime
>     rules of task_struct are well established, well tested and so on. As
>     was demonstrated it also removes much complexity from attaching logic.

Ok, I'd be happy to discuss that in a separate thread.  By "known bugs" I
mean the symptoms and specific holes in the current implementation.  An
opinion about organizing the code is a fine thing, but not itself an item
for that list.


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