Re: [PATCH] lscpu: get the processor information by DMI

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On 6/14/21 5:41 AM, Karel Zak wrote:

CC: Masayoshi and Jeffrey,

On Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 09:48:45AM +0000, Huang Shijie wrote:
The patch :367c85c47286 ("lscpu: use SMBIOS tables on ARM for lscpu")
relies on the existence of "/sys/firmware/dmi/entries/4-0/raw",
which may not exist in standard linux kernel.

But "/sys/firmware/dmi/tables/DMI" should exist and can provide the required
processor information.

Good idea to add a fallback solution.

This patch uses "/sys/firmware/dmi/tables/DMI"
to get the processor information:
   1.) Use the DMI to provide more accurate "Model name" information.

We've had a long discussion about data from DMI  and we had a few
attempts to implement it ;-) The conclusion is to differentiate
between information decoded from IDs and information from BIOS, so now
we have two fields ct->bios_modelname and ct->modelname (and

The reason is that in some cases the strings from DMI do not provide
well-known CPU names and info by user.

         Vendor ID:           ARM
         BIOS Vendor ID:
         Model:               0
         Model name:          Cortex-A72
         BIOS Model name:     Mellanox BlueField-2 [A0] A72(D08) r1p0

"Cortex-A72" is pretty well-known, Mellanox BlueField is some
marketing name, another example:

         Vendor ID:           Cavium
         BIOS Vendor ID:      CN8890-2000BG2601-AAP-PR-Y-G
         Model:               0
         Model name:          ThunderX 88XX
         BIOS Model name:     2.0

Yes, I was one of the people who asked that the DMI and the lookup table be displayed as different fields and so far it looks like its working well. Thanks!

After this patch, we can get the lscpu output
in Ampere Altra platform:
	Architecture:                    aarch64
	CPU op-mode(s):                  32-bit, 64-bit
	Byte Order:                      Little Endian
	CPU(s):                          160
	On-line CPU(s) list:             0-159
	Vendor ID:                       ARM
	Model name:                      Ampere(R) Altra(R) Processor Q00-00 CPU @ 3.0GHz

Should be

     Model name:          Neoverse-N1
     BIOS Model name:     Ampere(R) Altra(R) Processor Q00-00 CPU @ 3.0GHz

Right, another example :

Vendor ID:              ARM
  BIOS Vendor ID:       Broadcom
  Model name:           Cortex-A72
    BIOS Model name:    BCM2711 (ARM Cortex-A72)

Which is helpful when comparing with various other utilities, like gcc, which take cortex-a72 as -mtune parameters.

  static void arm_decode(struct lscpu_cxt *cxt, struct lscpu_cputype *ct)
+	/* dmi_decode_cputype may get more accurate information later */
+	arm_ids_decode(ct);
  	/* use SMBIOS Type 4 data if available */
  	if (!cxt->noalive && access(_PATH_SYS_DMI_TYPE4, R_OK) == 0)
+	else if (!cxt->noalive && access(_PATH_SYS_DMI, R_OK) == 0)
+		dmi_decode_cputype(ct);
- arm_ids_decode(ct);

Please, do not move arm_ids_decode().

+int dmi_decode_cputype(struct lscpu_cputype *ct)
+	static char const sys_fw_dmi_tables[] = _PATH_SYS_DMI;
+	struct dmi_info di = { };
+	struct stat st;
+	uint8_t *data;
+	int rc = 0;
+	char buf[100] = { };
+	if (stat(sys_fw_dmi_tables, &st))
+		return rc;
+	data = get_mem_chunk(0, st.st_size, sys_fw_dmi_tables);
+	if (!data)
+		return rc;
+	rc = parse_dmi_table(st.st_size, st.st_size/4, data, &di);
+	if (rc < 0) {
+		free(data);
+		return rc;
+	}
+	/* Get module name */
+	sprintf(buf, "%s %s CPU @ %d.%dGHz", di.processor_version, di.part_num,
+			di.current_speed/1000, (di.current_speed % 1000) / 100);

So, it's not string from DMI, but it's composed from more information
and it seems compatible to "model name:" from (x86) /proc/cpuinfo. I'm
fine with it.

+	free(ct->modelname);
+	ct->modelname = xstrdup(buf);


   ct->bios_modelname = xstrdup(buf);

+	/* Get CPU family */
+	memset(buf, 0, sizeof(buf));
+	sprintf(buf, "%d", di.processor_family);
+	free(ct->family);
+	ct->family = xstrdup(buf);

is there any difference between "cpu family" from /proc/cpuinfo and
this DMI field? Do we need a new field ct->bios_family or overwrite
the ct->family good enough? I don't know ;-)


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