[PATCH 0/2] of: fdt: fix memory leak and oob writes in fdt_ensure_space

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I have encountered the oob write while attempting to modify a large FIT
image with of_property. While hunting for the root cause I noticed that
there is a potential memory leak in fdt_ensure_space as well. Both is
fixed in this series.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Kerkmann <s.kerkmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Stefan Kerkmann (2):
      of: fdt: fix memory leak in fdt_ensure_space
      of: fdt: fix oob writes with large ftd properties

 drivers/of/fdt.c | 31 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 1 file changed, 24 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)
base-commit: cecd3fbea3550532d2175bc13aa479a45e605da0
change-id: 20240131-fix-fdt-memory-safety-b06f9164d953

Best regards,
Stefan Kerkmann <s.kerkmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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