"t" cmd depicts articles as "gone" ( [ ] ( ) ); ARE STILL THERE!

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Look at this "t" picture:

[ ] On the limits of 'our'?

  ( )+-( )
     \-( )

Looks like articles are expired, gone, no?

But actually *go* to them (all three), and
they're all there, not expired at all!, it seems.

Bug, feature, what?




Oh, here's the version:

[comp.lang.perl.modules] Cmd: 

Trn version: 4.0-test76 (Apr 2, 2001).
Configured for NNTP (plus individual local access).

News source group #1:

ID default:
Newsrc /net/u/1/d/dkcombs/.newsrc.
News from server news.panix.com.
Dynamic active file.
Copy of remote group desc. file (refetch: 4 hours).
Overview files from the server.

You can request help from:  trn-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Send bug reports, suggestions, etc. to:  trn-workers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[Type space or a command] 


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