Ktrn - anyone ?

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I love trn.  I've used it I don't know how long, more than ten years
for sure (14 if I can count rn).

But I'm starting to see the advantages of multiple windows and nonmodal
interfaces.  I still stick to mutt for its superior threading, its
efficent use of the screen, and its powerful keyboard commands.

Likewise I still stick to trn for its superior threading, its incredibly
efficient use of the display and threaded working, and its powerful
keyboard commands.

But anyone tried a ktrn or an xrtn ?   I've tried trn-tk, it's a good
idea but not integrated at all with my desktop, and still only one of
each window.  If I had trn that could support multiple instances of
each item (articles and all the various selectors), especially if it
had sensible control over them all, I'd be in heaven.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to do this, paying work and running
Debian Stable + Unstable together kind of preclude my learning KDE
programming :)  But if anyone feels inspired, I'd love to collaborate
with someone who already had the basic skills.  Please, does anyone feel
the same ?  It sounds like it oughtn't to be too hard, trn already has
threads with manuallly programmed multitasking.


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