Re: Why are we still using trn?

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On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, David Sewell wrote:
>With the (relative) burst of traffic on this mailing list, I thought I'd
>ask folks the question in the message subject.

slrn is the one that does scoring right?  If someone would give a fairly
high level compare/contrast between slrn and trn in this thread, it'd be
nice.  (I realize it'd likely be biased towards trn, just like asking
tivo vs replaytv is biased in each particular system's newsgroup!)

If I'm right about scoring -- basically I have never needed the scoring

I like trn because, especially when I transferred, it was a superset of
rn.  (I presume slrn is that too.)

Heck, I am pretty sure I didn't even read articles threaded at first..
I just liked getting away from message #s.  (Nowadays I'm even reading email
threaded with pine -- I hate the fact that for my ~2200 message INBOX it takes
a significant time to sort upon startup -- but it's still faster than
most other email programs..)

So basically -- I guess trn was the first newsreader after rn that I used
significantly that had new features and wasn't a huge change interfacewise,
unless I wanted it.

Things I wish trn had, in no particular order:
* Better makefiles/build rules.  I got trn compiled on Mac OS X a few years
ago, but I remember it was a huge pain... I don't know how much work it would
be to do again (I noticed others have mentioned newer trns than what I'm
using).  Even before pine had osx makefiles built in, it was fairly simple..
Now it's "./build osx".

* Simpler configuration.  I know there's the & options screen, but AFAIK, you
can't configure everything there..  (such as the FROM question I asked the
other day.)  pine is a great example here too -- "GUI-like" configuration for
the vast majority of options.  (I think for some really really esoteric/hackish
things, you have to modify dotfiles.)

* Better documentation -- maybe this exists, I dunno..  I remember having to
ask about the "tree thing" a while ago.  I still don't use it, but a good
description of all of the features/how people use them would be great.

Also, shouldn't trn 4.0 go "final" some eon?  Can't some half-finished
features be removed or documented that way or somesuch?  We've been using
it for years and years and years..  It'd be nice just to say it's 4.0 final..

>I try out slrn every now and then but never seem to get captivated by
>it. It doesn't seem to have the lightning-fast ability to select,

I do like that trn is very very fast.. that's my first criteria usually --
but just like with rn -> trn, vi -> vim, mail -> pine, I'm willing to give
up _some_ speed for UI and features... but not much..  and usually they're
a superset of the previous program.

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