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On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Patrick Vervoorn wrote:

> Hello,
> When using trn, trn -V output follows:
> Trn version: 4.0-test76 (Apr 2, 2001).
> Configured for both NNTP and local news access.
> I got the following error:
> Entering nl.telecom:
> Getting overview file.Programming error! Nested NNTP calls detected.
> Programming error! Nested NNTP calls detected.
> After that trn hung, only to be aborted by pressing Ctrl-\.
> I've never seen this error before!? Any idea what happened?

I don't have any knowledge of trn intrinsics, but your case seems to be a
bug in trn triggered by inconsistent behaviour of your news server.

At any rate, no one could give you any clue until you provide the trn
community with some more details of your news host, e.g.

o Its IP address or full-qualified domain name (like
o If it isn't public, how one can subscribe to it temporarily
o NNTP server running on the host

To get the latter, please issue the following command in a terminal
window (without the angle brackets, of course):

% telnet <your news host> 119

and post what the server replies.

Hopefully someone will look into it and help you.
Regards,						|       /^^^\
	Yury						|     (| , , |)
							|      |  *  |
E-mail: yury.burkatovsky at telrad dot co dot il	|       \_-_/

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