Re: Trn version: 4.0-test76 (Apr 2, 2001)

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On Fri, May 24, 2002 at 04:28:00PM -0600, Charlie Sorsby wrote:
> When I try to do this, it triggers dialup to my ISP.  Does trn not
> use the same MUA that I do?  Is there a way to tell it to?  Another
> (possible) symptom is that if I try to forward a post to someone,
> trn seems to be ignorant of the various mail aliases that I've
> defined.  It's arguable which "feature" is more annoying.

Like many Unix programs that interact with mail, trn doesn't use a MUA
at all; rather, it uses sendmail (not necessarily the sendmail package
itself, but whatever provides /usr/sbin/sendmail, /usr/lib/sendmail, or
whatever). You'll need to configure that, your MTA, to deliver mail the
way you want.

This is probably also why trn doesn't recognize your aliases, because
those are defined in your MUA which trn doesn't use. It's possible that
Rnmail could be hacked to pass the job of mailing people off to a MUA
like mutt.


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