Re: [PATCH rdma-next] Revert "IB/isert: Fix incorrect release of isert connection"

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On 8/21/23 2:57 AM, Leon Romanovsky wrote:
> From: Leon Romanovsky <leonro@xxxxxxxxxx> Commit: 699826f4e30a ("IB/isert: Fix incorrect release of isert connection") is

Was the issue described in that commit just not correct? Or was it
supposed to be for some sort of race'y error path?

It looks like that analysis was wrong for the normal login/logout path where
we call:

1. isert_init_conn sets kref to 1.
2. If we are connected we set kref to 2 via isert_connected_handler -> kref_get
3. When we logout from there then isert_wait_conn -> queue_work release_work
and release_work does isert_put_conn so kref = 1.
4. Then we do isert_free_conn which does isert_put_conn to set the kref to 0
and then free the conn.

So the patch in this mail looks ok.

I checked most of the error paths, but I might have missed some. It looks ok
for them as well.

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