Re: [PATCH v5 0/9] target: TMF and recovery fixes

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On Sat, 18 Mar 2023 20:56:11 -0500, Mike Christie wrote:

> The following patches apply over Martin's 6.4 branches and Linus's tree.
> They fix a couple regressions in iscsit that occur when there are TMRs
> executing and a connection is closed. It also includes Dimitry's fixes in
> related code paths for cmd cleanup when ERL2 is used and the write pending
> hang during conn cleanup.
> This version of the patchset brings it back to just regressions and fixes
> for bugs we have a lot of users hitting. I'm going to fix isert and get it
> hooked into iscsit properly in a second patchset, because this one was
> getting so large. I've also moved my cleanup type of patches for a 3rd
> patchset.
> [...]

Applied to 6.4/scsi-queue, thanks!

[1/9] scsi: target: Move sess cmd counter to new struct
[2/9] scsi: target: Move cmd counter allocation
[3/9] scsi: target: Pass in cmd counter to use during cmd setup
[4/9] scsi: target: iscsit/isert: Alloc per conn cmd counter
[5/9] scsi: target: iscsit: stop/wait on cmds during conn close
[6/9] scsi: target: iscsit: free cmds before session free
[7/9] scsi: target: Fix multiple LUN_RESET handling
[8/9] scsi: target: iscsit: Fix TAS handling during conn cleanup
[9/9] scsi: target: iscsi: handle abort for WRITE_PENDING cmds

Martin K. Petersen	Oracle Linux Engineering

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