Re: [PATCH v5 01/18] block: Add PR callouts for read keys and reservation

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On 3/28/23 11:36 AM, Mike Snitzer wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 24 2023 at  2:17P -0400,
> Mike Christie <michael.christie@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Add callouts for reading keys and reservations. This allows LIO to support
>> the READ_KEYS and READ_RESERVATION commands and will allow dm-multipath
>> to optimize it's error handling so it can check if it's getting an error
>> because there's an existing reservation or if we need to retry different
>> paths.
> Not seeing anything in DM's path selectors that adds these
> optimizations. Is there accompanying multipath-tools callouts to get
> at this data to optimize path selection (via DM table reloads)?

You can ignore that comment. The comment was meant for the dm pr callouts
and not for normal IO/path handling, and now I think I can fix in a different

I originally added the comment about better dm error handling for something
like __dm_pr_register getting a failure when it did:

        ret = ops->pr_register(dev->bdev, pr->old_key, pr->new_key, pr->flags);

Right now, we fail the entire operation if just one call on one path fails. With the
pr_read_keys/reservation callouts we could check if we got a failure because there
was an existing reservation vs a retryable/ignorable error.

I forgot I wrote that comment about dm in the mail and we actually don't need the
pr_read_* callouts for that type of thing now, because I ended up changing
the existing callouts to return common error codes last kernel. So I have another
patchset that I'm working on, but am still debating about some issues like:

ret = ops->pr_register(dev->bdev, pr->old_key, pr->new_key, pr->flags);
switch (ret) {
	pr->ret = ret;
	return -1;
	 * We probably want to retry like how we do for the pg_init.
	 * I'm still not sure what to do here, because if this is the last
	 * host then we might want to try and register the rest of the paths
	 * and limp on. It probably needs a user config option.

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