Re: [PATCH v2 0/7] vhost-scsi: Fix crashes and management op hangs

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On 3/20/23 9:06 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
> The following patches were made over Linus tree.

Hi Michael, I see you merged my first version of the patchset in your
vhost branch.

Do you want me to just send a followup patchset?

The major diff between the 2 versions:

1. I added the first 2 patches which fix some bugs in the existing code
I found while doing some code review and testing another LIO patchset
plus v1.

Note: The other day I posted that I thought the 3rd patch in v1 caused
the bugs but they were already in the code.

2. In v2 I made one of the patches not need the vhost device lock when
unmapping/mapping LUNs, so you can add new LUNs even if one LUN on the same
vhost_scsi device was hung.

Since it's not regressions with the existing patches, I can just send those
as a followup patchset if that's preferred.

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