Re: [PATCH 3/5] vhost-scsi: Remove vhost_scsi_mutex from port link/unlink

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On 2/22/23 6:19 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
> We don't need the vhost_scsi_mutex in vhost_scsi_port_link and
> vhost_scsi_port_unlink because LIO has a refcount on the se_tpg for us,
> so it can't be removed while these functions are called. This removes the
> vhost_scsi_mutex from those functions to avoid cases where we are adding
> or removing LUNs to vhost-deviceA but are stuck waiting on the
> vhost_scsi_mutex because we are running vhost_scsi_clear_endpoint on
> vhost-deviceB and it's stuck in vhost_scsi_flush waiting for a flakey
> physical device.

I'm going to self Nack these patches. This patch has a bug where we can
leak vhost_scsi_tmf structs. It's ok to drop the vhost_scsi_mutex use but
in vhost_scsi_port_unlink it needs to be replaced with the device->mutex
or we need to flush the tmf/VHOST_SCSI_VQ_CTL queue to make sure outstanding
tmfs are freed.

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