Re: [PATCH 07/18] scsi: target: Treat CMD_T_FABRIC_STOP like CMD_T_STOP

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On 3/15/23 5:54 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
> However, are you saying that just adding the check is putting it on LIO core?
> If so, we can always call check_stop_free in transport_cmd_check_stop_to_fabric.
> The fabric driver's release_cmd then has to figure out what needs to be cleaned
> up then. I can make that work. It's more complicated than just what I wrote
> because of how isert handles failed cmds and tmrs, but it's doable.

I missed the point of your mail before. CMD_T_STOP sucks so don't replicate it
with another bit :) Agree with that :)

I'll work on a patch like I described above.

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