Re: [PATCH v4 02/18] block: Rename BLK_STS_NEXUS to BLK_STS_RESV_CONFLICT

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On Fri, Feb 24, 2023 at 11:44:46AM -0600, Mike Christie wrote:
> BLK_STS_NEXUS is used for NVMe/SCSI reservation conflicts or in dasd's
> case something similar. This renames BLK_STS_NEXUS so it better reflects
> this.

I like this rename a lot.

> diff --git a/drivers/s390/block/dasd.c b/drivers/s390/block/dasd.c
> index a9c2a8d76c45..a2899d9690d4 100644
> --- a/drivers/s390/block/dasd.c
> +++ b/drivers/s390/block/dasd.c
> @@ -2723,7 +2723,7 @@ static void __dasd_cleanup_cqr(struct dasd_ccw_req *cqr)
>  	else if (status == 0) {
>  		switch (cqr->intrc) {
>  		case -EPERM:
> -			error = BLK_STS_NEXUS;
> +			error = BLK_STS_RESV_CONFLICT;
>  			break;

But is this really a reservation conflict?  Or should the DASD code
maybe use a different error code here?

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