Re: [PATCH 01/23] block: factor out a bvec_set_page helper

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On 1/30/23 01:21, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
Add a helper to initialize a bvec based of a page pointer.  This will help
removing various open code bvec initializations.

Why do you want to remove the open-coded bvec initializations? What is wrong with open-coding bvec initialization? This patch series modifies a lot of code but does not improve code readability. Anyone who encounters code that uses the new function bvec_set_page() has to look up the definition of that function to figure out what it does.

-	iv = bip->bip_vec + bip->bip_vcnt;
  	if (bip->bip_vcnt &&
  			     &bip->bip_vec[bip->bip_vcnt - 1], offset))
  		return 0;
- iv->bv_page = page;
-	iv->bv_len = len;
-	iv->bv_offset = offset;
+	bvec_set_page(&bip->bip_vec[bip->bip_vcnt], page, len, offset);

Has it been considered to use structure assignment instead of introducing bvec_set_page(), e.g. as follows?

bip->bip_vec[bip->bip_vcnt] = (struct bio_vec) {
      .bv_page = page, .bv_len = len, .bv_offset = offset };



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