Re: Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property Message::$header is deprecated

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> Hi Paul, thanks so much for addressing this issue. I disabled PHP display
> errors/warnings

Yes, on production sites, you should never have error or notice display
enabled. However, you should be *logging* all those things so you can be
aware of any problems.

> but if you're still actively able to fix issues that I
> report, I will continue to test and reply with more info.

We are always interested in any issues our users can identify!

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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>> > Any idea if this error/warning is fixed in the latest version?
>> Deprecation notices are *not* errors.
>> > *Deprecated*: Creation of dynamic property Message::$header is
>> deprecated
>> > in */usr/share/squirrelmail/class/mime/Message.class.php* on line
>> *366*
>> This should have been fixed as of a few minutes ago. Thanks for the
>> report!

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