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     Hi Paul,

   Ok thank you.  I have some more questions but that will come later. First I want to see if the svn version gets rid of the bugs I found.  You may get a bug report,
I will see........

On 3/16/22 14:05, Paul Lesniewski wrote:
      Which php version should I be using? php-5 or php-7?  I have found
that the latest squirremail--webmail-1.4.22
seems to work with both.   Ah I see both are supported, but which would
be better?
It makes no difference from SquirrelMail's perspective, but you should
generally always keep all software on your system the most up to date.

Please also use SquirrelMail version 1.4.23-svn from the downloads page
(SVN snapshot).

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