Re: Squirrelmail not using port 465 for smtp although it is specified in config.php

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On Mon, January 11, 2021 11:45 am, David Carvalho wrote:
> Hello.
> So now I know that Squirrelmail does not work with starttls on port 25.

In fact it does.  It works on any port that the SMTP server wants to
accept its connections on.  That does not mean it's a good thing to set up
your mail server's submission service on port 25 (it's generally not). 
STARTTLS was added in version 1.4.23, so maybe your version is out of

> I’ve changed $smtpPort   value to 465 and  maintained $use_smtp_tls = true
> and $smtp_auth_mech = ‘login’ , but a network traffic inspection shows my
> web server always connecting to the smtp server using port 25.

SquirrelMail does not ignore your settings.  Maybe you have more than one
SquirrelMail installation you are mixing up or your configuration settings
were never saved.  You're going to have to do more sleuthing; this is not
normal behavior for SquirrelMail.

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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