Re: RELAY needed in Sendmail for squirrelmail to be able to send?

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On Wed, January 6, 2021 5:14 pm, David Carvalho wrote:
> Hello and happy new year everyone.
> I’ve been using Squirrelmail for a long time on 2 of my servers currently
> running Oracle Linux 6 with version 1.4.22.

I advise upgrading to 1.4.23-svn

> While doing some tests today, I noticed on my Sendmail server, which is
> different from my web server where Squirrelmail is installed, that it
> needs the following line in /etc/mail/access in order to be able to send.
> Connect:ip.squirrelmail		RELAY
> If I remove this line and regenerate access.db squirrelmail complaints
> about not being able to run “/usr/sbin/sendmail -i -t etc, etc”

That's because Sendmail on the mail server should not allow just anyone to
relay mail freely through it.  The access file is there to say that the
server running SquirrelMail is trusted to relay mail from.

> My options in config.php are the following:
> $smtp_auth_mech = 'login';
> $imap_auth_mech = 'login';

This is all about your mail server setup, nothing to do with SquirrelMail.
 If you are requiring SASL login to send mail, then technically, the
access file/permission on the mail server probably isn't needed, but in
any case, SquirrelMail will just do what you tell it.

> $smtp_sitewide_user = '';
> $smtp_sitewide_pass = '';
> $use_imap_tls = true;
> $use_smtp_tls = true;
> One test I did was remove the RELAY entry in Sendmail access file and use
> valid user for fields $smtp_sitewide_user = '';
> $smtp_sitewide_pass = '';
> But the error is the same.
> Any ideas please?

Read the logs on the mail server and review what your Sendmail relay
and/or SASL authentication configuration (client requirements) are.  After
that, configure SquirrelMail to do whatever you choose to require on the
Sendmail side.

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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