Squirrelmail with php-7.3 on FreeBSD-12.0p3

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We have a working Squirrelmail (SM) install running with php-5.6 on
FreeBSD-11.9p2.  I am trying to install SM for php-7.3 on
FreeBSD-12.0p3.  The httpd server is Apache-2.4.  After running
conf.pl when I run configtest.php in Firefox then I see this.

I believe that this is likely a configuration problem having to do
with Apache or PHP rather than SM but if someone could tell me what
this means and what to look for to fix I would be appreciative.

'.$IND.'ERROR: ' .$str. "

\n"; if($exit) { echo ''; exit; } } ob_implicit_flush(); /** This is
the configtest page */ define('PAGE_NAME', 'configtest'); /** @ignore
*/ define('SM_PATH', '../'); /* * Load config before output begins. *
functions/global.php cleans environment, then loads *
functions/strings.php and config/config.php */ if (file_exists(SM_PATH
. 'config/config.php')) { include(SM_PATH . 'functions/global.php'); }
$IND = str_repeat(' ',4); // this must be done before the output is
started because it may use the // session $test_location =
get_location(); ?>


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