Squirrelmail reports IMAP dropped connection when searching mailboxes

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I do not believe that this problem is due to squirrelmail (SM) but I
need to check out every possibility.

On January 8 both SM and cyrus_imapd (CI) were updated on their
respective hosts though the 'pkg upgrade' process of FreeBSD-11.2. 
Since that time we have noted a marked increase in the number of
'mailbox: longlock' messages in maillog and users are reporting
encountering this message when searching message bodies or everything:

      ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server.
Query: SEARCH CHARSET ISO-8859-1 ALL BODY "test term"

My reason for writing here is the search charset reportedly used by
SM, ISO-8859-1.  All our systems use UTF8 and my concern is that the
character codeset reported in the error message might have something
to do with the problem.  As this codeset is the first block in UFT8 I
cannot see how this could be but I have to ask.

The OS on both hosts is FreeBSD-11.2p7.

The squirrelmail version installed is squirrelmail-php56-20180404
which reports itself as SquirrelMail version 1.4.23 [SVN].

The PHP version on the squirrelmail host is php56-5.6.39, which was
also updated at the same time as SM.  It reports these options:
Options        :
	CGI            : on
	CLI            : on
	DEBUG          : off
	DTRACE         : off
	EMBED          : on
	FPM            : on
	IPV6           : on
	LINKTHR        : on
	MAILHEAD       : off
	PHPDBG         : off
	ZTS            : off

The version of IMAP is cyrus-imapd30-3.0.8_2. It reports these options:
Options        :

        NNTP           : off
        PGSQL          : off
        READLINE_GNU   : off
        READLINE_PERL  : off
        REPLICATION    : off
        SNMP           : off
        SQLITE         : on
        SQUAT          : on
        XAPIAN         : off

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