Cyrus-IMAP-3.0.5 and Squirrelmai-1.4.23 folder display issue

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I am now able to connect SM to both the old and the new IMAP services
without difficulty.  However, on the new IMAP server I cannot seem to
get SM to display subscribed folders as an indented list.

This is what the SM page source says:

<td align="right" valign="middle">Selection List Style:</td>
<td align="left"><select name="new_mailbox_select_style" >
<option value="0">Long: "Folder.Subfolder"</option>
<option value="1" selected="selected">Indented:
<option value="2">Delimited: ".&nbsp;Subfolder"</option>

But this is what it displays:

  Action (58/58)
  delivery (98/98)
  delivery/accounting (0/0)
  delivery/forwarding (251/251)
  delivery/forwarding/Solis (0/0)
  delivery/gpg (0/0)
  delivery/imports (441/441)
  delivery/payables (41/41)
  delivery/payroll (18/18)
  delivery/private (29/29)
  delivery/redirected (31/31)
  delivery/support (219/219)
  delivery/support/attachments (1/1)
  delivery/support/Investigate (0/0)
  delivery/vendors (4/4)
  Fraud (0/4)

What I expect is:

    Action (0/29)
  - delivery (10/53)
      accounting (0/0)
    - forwarding (77/77)
        Solis (0/0)
      gpg (0/0)
      imports (107/107)
      payables (20/23)
      payroll (3/9)
      private (0/11)
      redirected (17/17)
    - support (41/44)
        attachments (0/0)
        Investigate (0/0)
      vendors (0/2)
    Fraud (0/4)

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