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Thanks for re-formatting.  :)

On 2018年04月25日 01:07, hlbox16@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> (#2 reformated, f*ck webmailer...)
> Hallo,
> Our services must pass a scan test.
> Nikto say:
> + GET Cookie SQMSESSID created without the httponly flag
> I have not found a config option.
> I found following function:
> # vi ./functions/global.php
>     589 function sqsetcookie($sName, $sValue='deleted', $iExpire=0, $sPath="", $sDomain="",
>     590                      $bSecure=false, $bHttpOnly=true, $bReplace=false) {
> But all calls use only 4 options (example):
>       663             sqsetcookie(session_name(), session_id(), 0, $base_uri);
> I have tried following changes, but without success:
> # diff ./functions/ ./functions/global.php
> 590c590
>                       $bSecure=true, $bHttpOnly=true, $bReplace=false) {
> Howto create Cookie with httponly flag?

As you've seen, the code seems to be doing the right thing.  I just
looked in my browser console and all the SquirrelMail cookies are tagged
as HttpOnly.

> SquirrelMail version 1.5.1

You should upgrade to 1.5.2-svn, which may or may not fix the problem.

Paul Lesniewski
SquirrelMail Team
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