Re: error message when loging in via squirrelmaim

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Dear Haider,

 Read the posting Guidelines. Supply Information as stated there. Nobody
on this list as a crystal ball to know which version of which programs
you are using!

And now just a guess:

> when i log in i get the following error message on the left pane
> |
> | ERROR: |
> |
> | ERROR: Could not complete request.
> Query: CREATE "INBOX.Sent"
> Reason Given: Permission denied |

Check permissions in Cyrus. Read your cyrus logfiles.

> on the center of the page i get the error :
> |
> | ERROR: |
> |
> | ERROR: Could not complete request.
> Reason Given: Mailbox does not exist

Does the mailbox exist?

> what is wrong with the cyrus imap how can i fix this

Please refer to the cyrus mailing list. This is squirrel mail ;)
And again: Check your logfiles. They will tell you the reason...


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