having issues attaching more than 4 pictures in an email

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Been using Centos and Squirrelmail since early in Centos 6 cycle.  IIRC, I used to be able to
attach more than 4 pictures to an email.  Now I can't, four seems to be the limit. Picture file
size doesn't seem to matter, they can be 50k or 5 meg each. I upped the limits in php.ini for the
following parameters to see if this would have any bearing on the issue:

post_max_size = 20M
upload_max_filesize = 15M

The way I see this is that I should be able to attach [more than] four pics of say, size 100K, to
an email.  I can't.  Within Squirrelmail I go to 'Compose', put in a recipient, subject title, and
in the body of text lets just say I add "test case" (as an example).  Then I go to 'browse',
select a [pic] file, click 'add' (which attaches the pic to the email), and repeat this for a
total of four files. When I try to attach the fifth pic, the 'email' frame goes blank, nothing
shown. To recover the text I can select 'Compose' again and Squirrelmail will state I have an
email in 'draft' and do I want to open it. If I click 'ok' I get my email back minus all attached
pics.  Cycle repeats itself if I try to attach pic #5.

I've googled the web looking to see if others have had this issue, and a buddy helped me a bit,
but nothing definite shown to resolve.  I've got to figure its a PHP issue. I'm currently patched
to Centos 6.9.

Any help appreciated as to what to look for...


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