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SquirrelMail Issue:  One of our users was at the Login Page and tossed
something down on their desk that kept the Enter key on their keyboard
depressed. This caused the number of httpd processes on the server to
increase at a rapid rate until the max number of 8000 httpd sessions, as
set in httpd.conf, was reached causing the webpage to no longer be
available to any other users until restarting the httpd service. I am able
to reproduce the issue by holding down on the Enter key.

SquirrelMail Version:	1.4.19
Installed Plugins:
    1. administrator
    2. compatibility
    3. username
    4. compose_extras
    5. squirrelspell
    6. show_headers
    7. addgraphics
    8. msg_flags
    9. quicksave
    10. timeout_user
    11. unsafe_image_rules
PHP Version:	5.2.17
Web Server:	Apache 2.2.17
IMAP server:	Courier-IMAP 4.3.1
SMTP server:	Qmail 1.0.3
OS Version:	Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.11
Installed By:	Following qmailrocks.org instructions in 2009
Browser:	Internet Explorer 11

Derek Wnek

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