SquirrelMail Feature Request: Mobile UI?

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I'm trying to make my site more mobile friendly, since most of us are
increasingly having to use it that way.

SquirrelMail works well on a desktop display and large tablet, but is
quite difficult to use on the limited display real estate of a smart
phone (touchable links are too small to avoid hitting unintended
targets, and often too small to read).

Are there plans to add tiny mobile display/touch support to SquirrelMail

My current favorite "good" example for small mobile display operation is
Rainloop http://www.rainloop.net/  (for an example of a mobile display
UI).  Only the INBOX Folder Index shows after login.  ALL Folders
available on another screen. Selected Folder message uses whole screen
which returns to Origin Folder Index when message content is dismissed.

My users like the current SquirrelMail with HTML markup support add-on,
and like how they don't have to keep learning a new UI on their desktop
with each new release.  Hopefully what they like about SquirrelMail
won't change much on a desktop UI.  Now, if SquirrelMail could be
modified to detect and support mobile platforms with tiny touch screens;
i.e. operated as described in the last paragraph when display size is

I'll keep running SquirrelMail because that's what my users like, and
trust.  Mobile support could greatly improve mobile usability on a smart

Thank you,

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