Re: User name munging.

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On 19.05.2016 18:31, James B. Byrne wrote:

> I infer from this scant evidence that SM does not treat 'USERNAME' as
> 'username' for its own use.  Is there any way to force SM to munge
> mixedcase case USERNAMEs to lowercase?

I have done user name munging using a plugin that hooks into
'login_before' and accesses global $login_username:

// setup function
function squirrelmail_plugin_init_jni_prelogin()
   global $squirrelmail_plugin_hooks;

      = 'jni_prelogin_login_before';

// hook function
function jni_prelogin_login_before() {
	global $login_username;

	$login_username = preg_replace('/@.*/', '', $login_username);
	$login_username = trim($login_username);
	$login_username = strtolower($login_username);

Regards, Juergen.

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