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> Hi there, I have had SM since ubuntu 9.04, always working
great, last time > I had to  >
> > Two days ago I upgraded my ubuntu
to xenial, after some adjustmens I could > start to
> receive and send mails, but on my mail list I have some mails with
no > subject or others with >
no sender, some of them with none, some times when I open the mail, there > is no body, but if I > save it as a file
I can see the content on the file... > > Any clue, how could I solve > this, what
should I check? thanks  You might become another victim of bug #2806. Check this out:
 BR: Dw. --   Attila Toth MD, Radiologist, +36-20-825-8057  >
Applying this patch only solved a tiny part of the problem, for instance, I have a mail
without the patch displays:

sender: Foros

with the patch:
sender: Foros Clan Sudamérica
subject: "STILL NOTHING"

I have tried changing at the config the
"Default Charset" from ISO-8859-1 to ISO-8859-15 to UTF-8
Enabling and
disabling "lossy encoding", and changing "Default Language" from en_EN to
es_ES and still nothing.


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